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Christina Koppel Advisor

Dr Cristina Koppel is a neurologist, researcher and clinical lecturer. Her primary research interest is metacognition and the applied neuroscience of high performance (including ‘neuroscience of innovation’). She specialises in the use of technology to support imagination, creativity and mental simulation for improved decision making and executive function. Cristina obtained her medical degree from Imperial College in 2005.  She holds a BSc in Neuroscience, during which she investigated transfection methods and apoptosis in CG-4 oligodendrocytes at the Weston Laboratory, Hammersmith Hospital. Further research includes collaboration with the Institute of Psychiatry on an exploratory fMRI study using hypnosis to model awareness of movements, giving insight into the loss of control experienced in schizophrenia. She has published two books: Thinking Medicine: Structure Your Knowledge for Success in Medical Exams in 2007 and co-wrote 500 Single Best Answers in Medicine in 2011. She has been a fellow in medical education at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Wilson Centre, University of Toronto.  She has also consulted in e-learning for King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.  In 2014 she returned to her medical career in the UK.  She carries out her clinical work at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Cristina Koppel advisor

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