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AI experts warn of ‘societal chaos’ | CNN Business

European leaders are keen to embrace artificial intelligence. Experts warn CNN’s Anna Stewart..

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WIRED – Sam Altman’s Second Coming Sparks New Fears of the AI Apocalypse

Five days of chaos at OpenAI revealed weaknesses in the company’s self-governance. That worries people who believe AI poses an existential risk and proponents of AI regulation.

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The World Today – David Shrier: ‘AI could add 10% to global GDP by 2032’

The expert on technological change talks to Roxanne Escobales about the potential of AI, principles-based regulation and the disruptive impacts of ‘flash growth’.

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Venturebeat – How AI innovation can drive 10X growth in enterprises | David Shrier interview

David Shrier is making a number of predictions about AI, some encouraging and some scary. And they’re worth paying attention to, like one about how AI innovation will drive 10 times greater growth for enterprises.

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