Portfolio Strategy

We focus on a selection of deep tech themes where we have insight-led advantage. We are concentrated onthree themes where we can create value across ultra-large markets.

We are typically making pre-seed through Series A-round investments.

Cognitive Technologies

Artificial intelligence and neurotech companies typically operating at the application layer, where deep vertical domain expertise and proprietary, replenishing data manufacturing combine to transform ultra-large markets.

New Financial Architectures

Web3 and fintech companies that are building new solutions to address deficiencies globally and transform our lives.

Planet in Peril

Sustainability technology companies, frequently in data or AI-driven businesses, that help address the climate crisis.

Investment Focus

  • Typically preseed through Series A round 
  • Differentiated technology or solution
  • Domain spaces where we bring competitive insight and market development
  • Often aligned with our relationship network (more than 60% of our existing portfolio is derived from university connections)
  • Preference for nexus arbitrage across UK & Cambridge MA
  • Bias towards foundry development of spinout/spinoff
  • More than 25% of our portfolio comprises female founders (vs. 1.9% for US VC & 
    1% for Europe)
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Foundry: Crafting Success

Our strategy is to maximize probability of success and economic returns through a ‘venture foundry’ model

We source senior executives, can provide core shared services (such as finance, accounting, legal, IT) and closely manage the growth of the individual portfolio companies, in addition to investment capital

Our focus is on opportunities with built-in assets and/or proven entrepreneurial management

Our advisory business provides a pool of talent, market insights and access to potential customers and partners.

Independent research has shown that Foundry-style funds have an IRR roughly double that of traditional venture capital

The Foundry Model

Core Assets

Leveraging spinout or startup assets such as software IP, real estate or 
similar accelerating advantage to derisk product/market fit and tech translation.


We have a bench of technology and innovation executives to bring seasoned
expertise across the portfolio.

Shared Services

Efficiency for subscale functions like finance and accounting, legal, IT, and marketing is provided via a shared  services function.

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Maximising Outcomes