About Praveen Mandal

Praveen Mandal Operating Executive

Praveen Mandal is a veteran of 7 successful start-ups and a seasoned technology executive whose teams have developed industry recognized, market leading technologies and solutions in telecom equipment, electric vehicle charging, high performance compute and AI consulting industries. Mandal is an active angel investor, with angel-syndicate capabilities, and has co-invested with Shrier on half a dozen transactions.

Companies and organizations founded are Pipal Systems (served as CEO, acquired by Riverstone Networks), ChargePoint (served as President, publicly listed in 2021), the Emerging Technologies Group at SGI (served as SVP & GM), 2predict (served as CEO, acquired by Volta Charging).

Furthermore, he has held senior executive positions at Riverstone Networks (VP of R&D), Lucent Technologies (VP of R&D for Carrier Ethernet Solutions), SGI (SVP of R&D and GM of Emerging Technologies Group) and Volta Charging (CTO; publicly listed in 2021).

In addition to his appointment at MIT, Mr. Mandal currently serves as fractional CTO at various east coast and Silicon Valley technology startups. He is named co-inventor on 10 awarded patents and holds a BSCE from Santa Clara University.

Praveen Mandal

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